About Us


Literacy Lightbulb ™ breaks down difficult language arts concepts, so that educators can better respond to their students’ evolving needs.  However, that is not all we do…

We also provide educators and educational institutions with transformative solutions, so that they can address many of the issues that make learning and teaching content difficult. 

Our services can range from conducting strengths and needs assessments to delivering professional development sessions.  Our sessions can include a variety of topics, such as culturally responsive teaching, classroom management, and differentiation.

By supplying multifaceted support, we aim to enhance literacy skills, optimize daily systems, and catalyze positive change within districts.

This is what leads educators and students to their respective “aha! moments.” 


We start our service by analyzing the needs outlined in your contact form, so all interested parties should start there. 

Then, we reach out to you via phone or video conference to gain clarity on your request and determine which approach is best suited to meet your needs.  

After delivering specialized, evidence-based services, we have participants share wins and “aha moments” and we create a concise continuity plan for growth.

Meet Your Consultant:

Crystalyn Thomas-Davis

Crystalyn is an education consultant specializing in school district support and procurement services.  She was a Fulbright and a Gilman scholar, and she dedicated nearly 15 years of her life to teaching children in the United States, Ghana, and South Korea.   

In addition to her teaching experience, Ms. Davis has written curricula for large urban school districts, led professional development seminars, evaluated district literacy plans, and coached new teachers.  

Acknowledged as a national board-certified educator, she extends her dedication to pre-service teachers by also serving as an adjunct professor at an American university.

Work With Me

When I am not working with amazing instructors, I am binging old episodes of Frasier, decorating (and redecorating) rooms in my house, and listening to r&b music