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Welcome to our Government and Corporate Services Hub, where we cater to the unique needs of public and private sector agencies seeking top-tier services. As your trusted partner, we understand the intricacies of industry requirements. Our specialized services, including purchasing, program evaluation, and tailored consulting, can contribute to the success of your agency’s initiatives. With a proven track record and a commitment to excellence, we stand ready to collaborate with you to advance your initiatives and make a lasting impact on communities. Explore the possibilities, and let us be your strategic ally.



Federal Tax ID: 871697424

Registered Name: Literacy Lightbulb Corporation

DBA: Lit Light

State of Incorporation: Maryland

MBE/DBE/SBE Certification No.: 23-470

SBR Number: SB23-039272


Educational Services

NAICS 425120

Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers

NAICS 611430

  • Continuing education online learning marketplace services (through a website or mobile application)
  • Continuing education seminars or conferences
  • Continuing education training, online (through a website or mobile application)

NAICS 611710

  • Educational consultants
  • Educational curriculum development services
  • Educational support services
  • Test development and evaluation services, educational 

NAICS 624410

  • Before-school and after-school educational programs, separate from schools


  • Education Consulting and Support Services
  • Small and Large Group Coaching
  • Corporate Training
  • Program Evaluation
  • English Language Arts Training
  • Professional Development Seminars and Keynote Addresses
  • Course Development and Curriculum Writing
  • After-School Programming
  • Purchasing for Schools and Other Institutions 

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